Bootable USB for Sophos UTM

Bootable USB for Sophos UTM

As an IT professional, I know how important security is to an environment. For this reason a simple Linksys router with a firewall isn’t enough for me. For my firewall I am currently using Sophos UTM installed on a SUPERMICRO 5015A-EHF-D525 1U server containing a X7SPE-HF-D525 motherboard, with an Atom 1.8Ghz processor and 4GB RAM. If you are at all familiar with this server you know that it does not include an optical drive. Most people use a USB drive to install their Operating Systems now. Well, I ran into an issue when installing Sophos UTM, Sophos does not install nicely when using a USB stick so I thought I would document the process that I found and used successfully.

First download Sophos UTM Home ISO


Next download Rufus (used to create the bootable USB)


There is a reason for using Rufus. There are file names buried within the ISO that are to long for other bootable USB programs so they truncate the end of the file names. This requires you to 1) know where all of the files are located and 2) manually fix the filenames to contain the completed file name. Rufus leaves all of the file names intact. That is why I recommend using Rufus to create your bootable USB.

Next launch Rufus and from within Rufus

–Select the USB Device
–Next to the “Create a bootable disk using” section click on the cdrom icon and choose the ISO

Now Boot the soon to be UTM server to USB

Once you reach the UTM install screen, press Alt-F2

You should now be at a command prompt. Mount the USB stick to /install
–The command to mount the USB stick to install is:

Note because I had 2 hard drives in the system my USB stick was /dev/sdc1. Keep this in mind because the USB stick may not be /dev/sdb1

Finally once the mount was successful press Alt-F2 and proceed with the install as normal

The information in this post was put together and tested from a forum post on the Sophos forum and all credit for finding the process goes to the authors there.  I just put together what worked for me for future reference.  The Sophos forum post is located here:

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