Configuring Fibre in LIO

Configuring Fibre in LIO

Here’s a quick walk-through to get you up and running with fibre channel in LIO.

1) Install LIO if not already installed

2) Create the qla2xxx.conf file to configure fibre HBA to target mode

(the x’s are a part of the file name and not just blanks for the actual model number)

3) Add the following line to the qla2xxx.conf file

4) Save the file and exit

5) Now we must update initramfs with the new changes

6) Restart the server to apply changes

7) Launch targetcli to configure LIO

8) Add the LVM luns to Lio-Target (LVM luns are added to the iblock option under /backstores)

9) Now find the WWN(s) for the fibre card that is located in the server

10) Change to the qla2xxx directory

11) Now we need to add the WWN(s) from step 9 into targetcli (Do this step for each WWN that you wish to use)

(fill out the WWN from step 9)

12) Change to the WWN that you wish to add storage to

13) Add the storage from step 8 to the WWN that you just changed to.

14) Repeat steps 12 and 13 for each WWN and storage that you wish to use

15) Now change to the ACLS directory so we can add the ACL so the host can talk to the USAN

16) Now create the ACL for the WWN of the host you are trying to present the LUN to

(This is the WWN on the host)

17) Review all the configuration changes that were just made

18) Once all configuration changes have been verified, save the configuration


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