About Us

Like many IT Pros, we’re a couple of guys that are passionate about what we do.  We have a continual thirst for knowledge and enjoy the challenges that the constantly evolving IT field offers.  And also like many IT Pros, we recognize without the proper hardware and environment, this quest for learning can be stifled.  Now, you may be one of the lucky ones with piles of relatively new hardware lying about at work and your own full-fledged lab environment.  But for many of us, a basement full of second-hand equipment and some ingenuity is the best opportunity to build our skills, test our knowledge, and keep in touch with the ever-growing wealth of technology information.

As a result, this site began as a dedication to the countless hours we’ve spent in our labs, building, tweaking, cursing and ultimately succeeding as we swap out hardware, change configurations, try new operating systems, and, in general, drive our wives crazy.  For many seasoned pros, some of this information may be commonplace; for others we hope this information helps you overcome some of the same obstacles we once faced ourselves.  In addition, this site may serve as an archive of information for configurations you haven’t performed in an while – we even refer to it ourselves from time to time.  We do hope even the most experienced IT professional will find something useful here.  In the end, this is simply a way for us to give back to the community that’s helped us learn so much over the years.